garden sensory bin

Plants have an amazing super power - they can make energy from sunshine.  That's pretty impressive.

We have seen how our pumpkin plants have grown - and all they get to grow on is water and sunshine.

Our bean seeds are also beginning to sprout.

Since we can't always get outside into the garden, the kidlets have been planting in our garden sensory bin.

This was a super easy bin to put together.  I put a couple inches of peat moss in the bin, added some small plastic plant pots from my garden shed, put a segment of wooden fence lawn edging at the back (dollar store), and added some kid size gardening tools and gloves (also from a dollar store).  

I made up some plant markers  - laminated veggie pictures taped onto popsicle sticks.  Click veggie markers for a free printable.

Just for fun, I put in some fake worms (hid them in the peat moss to surprise the kids!)

There have been lots of busy gardeners in kindergarten.  

When their seeds have had a chance to germinate, we will add some veggies to the garden.


To see how real plants gets  water from the soil, we did some plant investigation.  We had a bed in the school garden that had been over run by pansies, so some of them were sacrificed to science.

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens is a fabulous book to read to go with growing things in the classroom or in the garden. 

What have you been growing?



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  2. I love sunflowers. We are going to plant our next week.



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