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We finally got out into the school garden to plant our seedlings and play in the dirt. (The weather is finally beginning to co-operate; on rainy days we have to satisfy ourselves with gardening in our gardening sensory bin.)

The strawberries are doing well  - a few hot sunny days - and we could be eating strawberries before the end of June.

Got some carrot seeds in the ground. I bought seeds on a biodegradable paper tape - made sowing a whole lot easier.  The kids love pulling the carrots out of the ground, washing them under the tap and gobbling them down in the fall.  Hoping for a bumper crop.

We planted our pumpkin and bean seedlings. May they grow long and tall respectively.

And we watered everything.  (Love the watering "line" in this picture!)

Watering is a sought after job - sometimes the plants need to be issued water wings and snorkels to ensure survival!

Another group of students planted the potatoes, and we are waiting for some warmer days to plant  tomatoes.  Looking for some rhubarb to plant in our last bed.  I think rhubarb strawberry crumble at school could go down well!

If you are looking for a great book about growing veggies check out Tops and Bottoms - a great read, fabulous illustrations and a good lesson all wrapped up in one book.

The giveaways... not mine, but check back next Friday - there is one in the works.  And you'll like it!

A huge thank you to Lyn at Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales - I won a $50 Starbucks gift card in her promotion celebrating her 50th post.  Congratulations Lyn, and thank you : )

Danielle at LaSota's Little Learners is doing an Oprah style  giveaway - she's giving away a bunch of her favourite things.  Go check it out.

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  1. That's so cool that you have a garden at your school. I'm envious :)

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