why rubber boots

Well, I live on the West Coast of Canada.

I teach kindergarten.  That means recess duty in the rain.  And  lots of puddles.

They are very easy to slip on and off.  No laces.                                                                      

As a child I had boring, ugly rubber boots.  My mother (and I love her dearly), was very frugal.  Much (most) of my clothing needed to be suitable for my younger brother who  would wear it a couple of years after me.  Younger brother could not wear the cute ladybug rubber boots that I coveted, so I had serviceable, younger-brother-friendly  black rubber boots.

I now buy my own rubber boots.  I do not have to share them or pass them on to anyone.  My closet door is open  - there is always room for one (pair or two boots) more.

Yellow sou'westers.
Captain Highliner. 

I so would have loved these as a girl.  

More indulgence for my inner child.

I was around in the 60s.  
Even though my parents followed 
Arthur Feidler and the Boston Pops, 
and there was not a chance 
of them tuning in, turning on or dropping out.  

Exploring my Scottish roots would be a good thing.

I love stripes - tried to buy these boots, but they were out of my size.

And there are some rubber boots/shoes 
that will never have a place in my hall closet.

Yes, these are rain shoes.
No possibilities for puddle exploration.

Too many studs and buckles.
I left that behind in the 80s.

Even my Scottish roots cannot find a positive element in these boots.

The very best thing about rubber boots;
kindergarten kids can put them on all by themselves
and no one needs their laces tied.

                                                                                                                     happy puddle jumping       

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