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I love the book Go Away Big Green Monster.  

It's a classic.

I cannot imagine not reading it with my kindergarten kids.

After reading it, you just have have to make your own big green monsters.  

We LOVE Todd Parr books.

We love that they make us feel good.

We love that they make us think.

We love that they make us laugh.

And we love the bright, colorful illustrations.

We read The Crayon Box that Talked when we talk about being peaceful, being kind, and appreciating that we all have unique talents and abilities. It is a wonderful story about the importance of diversity.

Many American schools read it as part of Martin Luther King Jr Day activities.

Whenever it is read, it is a fun book with a good lesson.

The Crayon Box That Talked
written by Shane DeRolf
illustrated by Michael Letzig
published by Random House Books for Young Readers (1997)

Fall trees are just so beautiful. The kindergarten kids looked at the trees as artists, and saw the colours of the leaves and the lines of the branches.

As artists, we knew we wanted to paint those trees - highlighting both the lines of the branches and the colours of the changing leaves.

The Dot by Peter Reynold is a wonderful book to read. And reread. And be inspired by.

It reminds us of some very important principles:
• everyone has a mark to leave on the world
• effort should be celebrated
• art is inclusive
• encouragement is contagious

summary  Vashti thinks that she can't draw.  Her art teacher gently asks her to make a dot on her paper, and sign it.  Next class, Vashti sees her dot, framed, above her teacher's desk.  It inspires her to make better dots, bigger dots, coloured dots, un-dots, and to see herself as an artist.

Our first job as a new class, is to create community. 

To define who we are. What we do. What we hope to do.  Why we do it.

Books help us.

10 books on which to build community.

This is the second time that I have participated in this August celebration of picture books. 

Last time, I shared my list of 10 quirky books I enjoy reading with my kindergarten class.  

10 books for that help define who we are as a community

A Family is a Family is a Family
written by Sara O'Leary
illustrated by Qin Leng
We all come to our school community from our families. Each family is different. And each family is to be validated and valued. 

There is a Tribe of Kids
written and illustrated by Lane Smith
At school, we find our "tribe of kids".  

Read more about There is a Tribe of Kids

I Wonder
written by Annaka Harris 
illustrated by John Rowe
"When we don't know something, we get to wonder about it." 
May we never believe that there is nothing left to wonder about. 

The Darkest Dark
written by Chris Hadfield
illustrated by The Fan Brothers
Somethings there are things that scare us - but we can still wonder the biggest wonders, dream the biggest dreams and plan the biggest plans. 

created by Aaron Becker
Imagination (wonder) can take us on amazing adventures. All you need is a magic door drawn by a red crayon. The first of a trilogy. A wordless book. 

It's Okay to Make Mistakes
written and illustrated by Todd Parr
It really is okay to make mistakes. It's one of the ways that we learn.

written and illustrated by Katheryn Otoshi
Hoping to build the capacity for each of us to be the one person that might be needed to stand for fairness, equality and what is right.

Step Outside
written and illustrated byDoretta Groenendyk
A celebration of getting out of our chairs, and outside to connect with each other and nature. 

written and illustrated by Leo Lionni
When big things come and try and swallow you up, it's always better to work together and swim with a herd. 

Pete the Cat
written by Eric Litwin
illustrated by James Dean
Pete goes through life, living in and appreciating each moment. Hopefully we can go through our year, singing our song. 

All the #pb10for 10 lists are posted on a Google Community site.

happy reading


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