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Every once in a while you come across a book that you wonder why you have never seen it before. And why everyone is not talking about it.

Everybody Needs a Rock is one of those books for me. 

And I am going to be a person who talks about it. 

Everybody Needs a Rock
written by Byrd Baylor
illustrated by Peter Parnall
published by Aladdin (1974, reprint 1985)

It's always a good time to celebrate with ice cream. 

We were getting ready to make ice cream and learning about colour and line getting ready to paint like Jackson Pollock - the perfect opportunity to make rainbow ripple ice cream cones. 

We love Eric Carle's stories.

And we love his art.

It is impossible NOT to get the paints out and create after enjoying reading one of our many Eric Carle books. 

In the Spring, kindergarten kids tend to get a little (more) wiggly.

They need movement.

They need action.

It was time to learn about Jackson Pollock, and try our version of action painting.

I wish you more is a beautiful books of a parent's wishes for a child.

But kids can also have wishes for their parents (and not just the "I want to eat candy for breakfast, and stay up late" kind of wishes.

I Wish You More inspired us to think about wishes for our mums.

Making wishes leads one's thoughts to dandelion seeds.

And that lead us to creating wishes for our mamas.

Underwear is a bit of a giggle.

Aliens who love underwear - that's downright hilarious.

At least if you are 5 years old!

Perfect for reading and playing with play dough.

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