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I love seeing other people’s classroom.  I love seeing how they have chosen to set up their rooms, how they organize their materials, how the rooms invite the children to learn.  
I love stealing their ideas.  Well, it’s not really stealing.  More like sharing.  
Last year a generous colleague let me poke around in her classroom.  Kerry knows her stuff ( an expert on Discipline Without Stress, Punishment or Rewards, fabulous early reading strategies), and is always learning more!
One of the many things that caught my eye was how she organized her coloured scrap paper.  I “shared” her idea.

I used Ikea magazine folders (but any would do the job just fine) and made colour word labels.  (These labels are actually shared from another colleague who saw the boxes in my room and made labels that were way better than mine and shared them back with me).
The kids use the paper all the time in their art projects, it helps them think like artists (what colour do I want, rather than grabbing any paper), clean up is easier, and it looks  like the classroom is a place for creating art.  As it is.  
thanks for sharing, Kerry


  1. I can see how this makes so much sense, especially since I do this for myself at home. I am totally making this change immediately. Thanks for much for sharing.


  2. I have awarded you with the Lovely Blog Award. Hop on over to my blog to check it out!
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  3. Sandi, this makes so much sense! I am going to do this after Easter - thanks for sharing, Kierna


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