sight words: colours

colour word crayons

I want my kidlets to read  and write colour words like there is no tomorrow.  I want the kids to own them.  


Automaticity (6 syllables - my kids will like that word!)
So, let’s make it amusing - make it appeal to the brain.
I asked myself - what are different colours - crayons of course.
What shape should I make my colour words - crayons of course.

We use the crayon words in the pocket chart to make patterned stories. This is from Valentines Day - we made friendship fruit salad.

I keep these crayon colour words in a basket in our carpet area  - available for the kidlets to use to tell their own stories, write their own stories, or use .... (they come up with fabulous ideas that I have not thought of!)

There are also larger colour crayons on a wall.

Fun for the brain.  

Makes a connection to previous experience.  

Great for reading.  Great for writing.

What fun tricks do you have to help your kidlets read colour words?

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  1. I love the color words!



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