Grover and Elmo

I was shopping at Superstore (a Canadian big box store) 
on the week end.

Right by the entrance were bins of books on sale.

Couldn't resist looking.  

And I found a treasure.  

My kidlets love The Monster at the End of this Book.
I end up reading it over and over until my voice gives out and I can't "do" Grover anymore.  We are on the second copy of the book since the first one I bought has been loved to tatters.

I didn't know that there was a sequel. (Guess I am a little behind the times - it was published in 1996!)

Well, now I own it.

Now I have Grover inspiration.  What other The Monsters at the End of this Book fun stuff is out there?

Did a little google search ...

There are apps for each book - both have a 4 star rating and are $3.99 from itunes.

Sesame Street  has a number of ebooks - accessible with a monthly subscription.

Youtube has a read aloud with pictures from the book.  The Grover imitation is pretty good and there is  good musical accompaniment. 

Now I need to work on my Elmo voice.


  1. That was my favorite book as a kid!!! I had no idea there was another one. Amazon here I come! I must have it.

    And I read it to my class this year during October/monsters-- of course they loved it. And, I must admit... I read a few times to them as well.


  2. He is definitely "furry loveable old Grover"!



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