oviparous animals and their eggs

Oviparous animals - and their eggs -  have taken over the sand table.

Since eggs are seasonal right now, we are chatting about oviparous animals.  

We read a couple of books about animals that hatch from eggs.

Back to the sand table.  I put in the larger size plastic Easter eggs and a bunch of small oviparous animals.

The kidlets have asked that a crocodile, alligator, squid, owl, ladybug, peacock and a snail join the other animals.

The kidlets have been playing with the eggs and the animals.  I always love watching and listening over their shoulders to see (and hear) what life they are bringing to the materials.

playing with the eggs

playing with the oviparous animals

Michelle at Apples and ABCs did a sort with oviparous animals and Easter eggs with her kidlets.  

Sara at the Happy Brown House has free oviparous animal printables.

And there are lots of Eggcelent Easter Ideas at the Linky Party that Mary is hosting at Sharing Kindergarten.

loving my plastic eggs,


  1. Hi Sandi!! I'm also loving using the plastic eggs right now! I'm not sure if you saw my blogpost about this or not, but you can see it here (has a few cool ideas):http://cotesclass.blogspot.com/2012/02/using-plastic-easter-eggs-in-centers.html

    Also, another blogger, Lacey, posted a week or two ago that she just created an Oviparous Animal pack for TpT...you may wanna check that out! :) Her blog is www.wildaboutteaching10.blogspot.com

    I LOVE your sensory table!!!! So cute!

  2. Thanks, Marie
    I am heading over to check out your links.

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  3. You are so sweet to add me to this post!! Thank you :)


    Apples and ABC's

  4. Thanks for adding my link, Sandi! Seeing this makes me miss my kindergarten teaching days a little, but I am so blessed to be home with my favorite "students"!

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning me! Love you adorable sensory table!!!!
    Wild about Teaching!


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