alphabet love

I am a sucker for a good alphabet book.

This is the current classroom favourite.

My long time favourite is 

and I just (literally 2 minutes ago) found that there is an ipad app for it -- $3.99 and it got a good review on appadvice.

I also love a good alphabet puzzle, game, paint or playdough stamp and computer game.

(I could play Bembo's Zoo for hours!)
This morning I was catching up on some blog stalking, and found a fabulous ABC printable.

Victoria from vixenMade made this for her young boys' bedroom and decided to share it with the rest of the (blogging) world.  Vixen (that's how she signs her posts, so I guess we can use her nickname), a fellow Canadian, has some great tutorials for the crafty-able and posts printables every Friday for the rest of us to enjoy.  Click over and check out her fabulous blog.

happy Sunday

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