Georgia O'Keeffe flowers

We got the paint out - well not the regular paint - that is always out at the easel.  The fancy paint from the art store in Victoria.

And we painted flowers.

Bright, beautiful flowers like Georgia O'Keeffe painted.

We read My Name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter. We learned that Ms O'Keeffe liked doing things differently than other people, and that she even thought different thoughts from other people.  When she saw a little flower, she noticed that people did not take the time to see how beautiful it was.  So, she decided to paint flowers really big, so that their beauty could not be ignored.

In kindergarten the kidlets and I have been learning about seeds and plants and the great circle of life (seed - sprout - plant - flower - seed - repeat).  We still need to chat about pollination and photosynthesis ... next week.

Back to the flowers and the paint.  

A number of real art teachers have made Ms O'Keefe flowers with their students.  

Art with Mr. E - kindergarten kids learned about radial symmetry used tempera paint and oil pastels  

Little Blogfish and Pink and Green Mama  - Robyn and MaryLea both talked to their young artists about looking at the flower from the perspective of a bee.  The kids used permanent markers and water paints.

Since I am not an art teacher (or even artistic!) I needed something a bit more primitive. 

We  used paint and fingers. 

The kidlets could chose two colours for their flower - a main and a complementary colour.  Choices were: red, orange, blue and purple.  Need to get some yellow for next time.  

I put a dot of the main colour in the centre of the paper, and added six more dots in a circle.  Three dots of the complementary colour and three dots of white were added.

The kidlets used their hands as a paint brush.  They started at the central dot and "swooshed" towards the edge of the paper, collecting paint and mixing colours on the way.

After the "swooshing" had gone full circle ...

I love how the colours blend together.

Last job is to  fingerprint black dots in the centre.

Now the kidlets can talk about Mr. Van Gogh stars and wind, Mr. Picasso faces, Mr. Kandinsky circles and Ms. O'Keeffe flowers.

Anyone like to invite them to an art show opening?


  1. Those are beautiful, Sandi!! I love them. I think I'll do that with my ones on Friday. Thanks.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. What a fabulous idea! I must try with my little church kiddies. Thank you for sharing.


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