ice cream book: Simply Delicious

perfect picture book Friday 

The kidlets and I are making ice cream today.  Pretty yummy!

In honour of ice cream, we have been reading ice cream books.  My favourite, Simply Delicious is currently out of print, but worth borrowing from the library, tracking down through ebay or used book sellers - or the serendipitous find at a garage sale!

written by Margaret Mahy
illustrated by Jonathan Allen
published by Orchard Books
juvenile fiction
suitable for ages  3 - 7

themes  ice cream, parent-love, jungle, animals

opening lines  One evening, as he rode home on his faithful bike, Mr. Minky stopped at Muffin's Corner Shop and bought a double-dip-chocolate-chip-and-cherry ice cream with rainbow twinkles and chopped nut sprinkles for his little boy, Finnegan.  "Now, how will I get this double-dip-chocolate-chip-and-cherry ice cream home before it melts?" he wondered.  "I know!  I'll take a short cut down the lumpy bumpy jungle track.  It runs right into my own back garden,"

synopsis A resourceful father engages in all kinds of acrobatic moves to keep an assortment of jungle creatures from getting the double-dip-chocolate-chip-and-cherry ice cream cone he is taking home to his son.  from

I like this book because ...  I love the rhythm, repitition and the alliteration of the text.  It is a fun read aloud.  The illustrations also add to the fun of the story. And the story itself, has a whimsical sense of the ridiculous - no one really tries to trick a tiger in order to save an ice cream cone - even if it does have rainbow twinkles and chopped nut sprinkles!

resources ...
free printable ice cream unit from 2 Teaching Mommies

Mama's Monkeys also has a free printable ice cream pack

No Time for Flashcards I is for Ice Cream

play toy ice cream set  - this one from Melissa and Doug

ice cream bubbles - yes they smell like the appropriate flavour

and the ice cream shop

craving ice cream yet - what's your favourite flavour?



  1. Are you making ice cream in a bag? My kids loved doing that last year.

  2. Yes can you show us how you're making ice-cream? What a blast. Thanks for sharing a great book!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  3. I have read about ice cream in a bag - but never tried it. Have to do that one day.

    We are using an ice cream maker. Super easy - we don't even have to use ice or crank it. Almost doesn't count for making ice cream!

    But it's yummy and the kids like it.


  4. Yum! My favorite flavor. Hmm... do I have to choose just one? Peanut butter and chocolate is right up there. And when I lived in Winnipeg in the 80s, there was a place that had a flavor called "Sticky Chewy Chocolate" with bits of gooey stuff in it. Yummmmm...

    This book sounds delightful.


    1. Sticky Chewy Chocolate sounds divine!


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  6. I have to read this! I really love the Margaret Mahy books that I have read! Love your activities!


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