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if you smell bread, it must be Monday

I figure that Monday deserves a community celebration.

One of our class rituals is to start our week together by acknowledging, enjoying and celebrating our class community.

My kidlets like to eat.  Celebration involves food.

So, every Monday we break bread together.  Literally.

Every Monday morning we put the ingredients into the breadmaker ($10 purchase at the Thrift Shop).

Today we made egg bread, the last couple of weeks we made pumpkin bread, oatmeal bread is lovely and moist, cinnamon bread is also a favourite.  (Nothing with green bits or seeds!)

Then we turn on the handy dandy breadmaker.

In no time at all, the classroom smells fabulous.  And then the bread is ready.   It makes Monday a little easier to adjust to.

Warm bread. Melted butter. Filled tummies. Happy kidlets.   Content teacher.


The class that breaks bread together learns together.  

What rituals build your class community?


  1. Oh my God, I think I love you. That is just about the most lovely post I've ever read. First of all, I used to be a huge bread baker until I was diagnosed with Celiacs and stopped eating it. :(

    Second of all, I think it's so perfect to think about community EVERY Monday. I have to do this next year.

    Third of all, your new blog is amazing. So clean and pretty. I love rubber boots period.

    First in Maine

  2. I love this! We just discuss our weekends on Monday. I make a point to let each student share about what they did. But after reading about your breaking bread, I'm now thinking about other things we could do. Thanks for sharing. This was great.

  3. Hi Kimberly
    Thanks for your kind words.
    And thanks for your comments about my blog's new look. Barb from Grade ONEderful did the redesign - and I found her because I loved the look of your blog (I like clean and simple). So, thanks for pointing me in her direction!


  4. wow. this is such a great and wonderful idea! I am going to have to keep my eyes open for a breadmaker. :) thanks

  5. Such a great idea! I'm big on building a family in my classroom...and this bread idea might just be the little extra touch I can add next year!

    A Pirates Life for Us


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