Pete the Cat and his buttons (and belly button)

It's today.

That's all.

Last day to enter the Pete the Cat giveaway.  But you can enter until midnight Pacific Time.  So, there's still plenty of time.

I made one last (for now) Pete printable.  (There are other Pete printables here, here and here)

My kidlets are kind of stuck on Pete's belly button.  Confession - belly buttons are fun - the kidlets have been aided and abetted by their teacher.

So, I figured we could make a class book about Pete's buttons -  and his belly button.  Kindergarten kids like books about themselves - so we will  draw ourselves as Pete.  (Don't I make a good Pete?!?)

The book has a little surprise.

The "coat" is a lift the flap ... and underneath is a belly button!  I used a photograph of one of the kidlet's belly buttons.  But, I was thinking it would also be cute to hot glue gun a button on.  I am sure you have other great ideas, too.

Click on each graphic to grab this Pete giggle.

Colour the coat (or photocopy onto coloured paper).  Add buttons. Cut it out.  Staple on the left side so that it fits on "Pete".

 Let me know if you use this with your kidlets, and how you adapted/improved the project.  i am always looking for new ways of doing things.


  1. Thank you for the cute Pete the Cat sheet! Love it!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Love the Pete the Cat sheet! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. What fun! Watch my blog for what we did we Pete the Cat and his belly button.

    1. Here's the link

  4. That's very cute. I like the peek-a-boo belly button!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers


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