blocks: a school hallway takeover

Today was one of those days when the morning's plans went right out the window.

In such a good way.

I always have some activities set out on our tables and carpets for the kidlets to do when they come in first thing in the morning.  This morning I put out some unifix cubes,  some blocks made out of sponges and the wooden tree blocks (as well as some other activities) on our carpet.

The kids love to measure themselves with the unifix cubes.  So they did.  Then a small group decided to put all the unifix cubes together.  So they did.  The "road" went out the door.

Then they added the sponge blocks.  That got to the end of the little hallway outside our room.

The only logical thing, was to get the tree blocks and turn the corner.

A note was made and attached to a basket asking people to be "crfl".  Everyone was very "crfl" - the older students moving from room to room were very kind to the kidlets and their hall take-over.

At this point, making block roads turned into a class mission; they were going to take over the building!

Down the long hallway.

at a crossroads - take both roads

under the table

I loved the little unexpected touches along the way.

 baskets can work as blocks

 pvc pipes and the car mats were called into service

 And that got us to the front door and the end of our mission.

The kids 
all worked together, 
respecting each other's work,
using language, 
sharing ideas, 
solving problems 
and having a lot of fun.  

And clean up was as purposeful and co-operative as the creation of the project.

A brilliant morning, where I stepped back, recorded their work and admired their learning.


  1. What a hoot. I love it! Was all that stuff in the hall at recess?

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. No, we cleaned it up before recess. I did not think it would survive recess. AND I didn't think the clean up would go so well after recess!!


  2. When I read about your activities, I feel such warmth in my heart. You are the kind of teacher I am and hope to be. I follow everything you do so that I can add to my store of educational teaching ideas that grow the whole child and not just teach to the curriculum.

    First in Maine

    1. thank you, Kimberly. You made my morning


    2. and you busted me - I way prefer teaching children to teaching curriculum : )


  3. awesome, cooperative and creative

  4. What a fabulous morning you have documented! I love that you allowed the morning to progress and didn't stop the children from creating. It's mornings like these that allow the children to really develop an understanding of collaborative play and encourages them to respect and appreciate the value of input. What an amazing and inspiring teacher you are! Can I come and play at your school? Pretty please? :)

  5. What an amazing morning of learning you have documented! Children learning to play and work together collaboratively. Appreciating the value that other children can bring to their play and an understanding of the rights and needs of others. Not to mention the literacy learning (Loving that CRFL sign!!. Can I come and play in your class? Pretty please? :) You are the type of teacher that I desperately try to be!!


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