make beautiful butterflies- free printable

One of my favourite parts of Spring is raising caterpillars and being a mama to butterflies.

This year there have been some interesting hiccups. 

The caterpillars ate up all the food that they came with long before they were ready to become chrysalises.  Painted lady caterpillars eat hollyhock leaves.  I bought them a hollyhock plant from our local plant store - and the caterpillars have eaten it down to stalks.  It looks like a  plague of locusts has moved through!

A well meaning kidlet added a tent caterpillar to our caterpillar habitat (without permission) - and did not close the door after the addition. 

The next day the tent caterpillar was in the habitat, and 6 painted lady caterpillars had made their escape.

We had a class chat about responsibility and checking in with the teacher about things.

Moving on.

While we are anxiously waiting for our butterflies, we have been "butterflying" our classroom to get ready for them.

We have been playing with symmetry on the ipad.  Paint My Wings is a deal for 99 cents. Click on the graphic to get to the app store.

We have also been playing with real (as opposed to virtual) symmetry.  

Print the [butterfly pattern]. 

Fold it half. Put blobs of paint on one side.  Fold the paper over and use a rolling pin to create symmetry.  Add a "butterfly body".

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