more mud

Our puddle had all dried up.

And then it rained again.

So, the puddle is back.  And the children are back in the puddle.

And it's all good.  Jenny from Let the Children Play reminds us that mud play makes children happier, healthier and smarter.  So, rubber boot up and get out in the mud!

All grand preparation for International Mud Day.

We are in training; how are your kidlets getting muddy?


  1. I loved playing in the mud as a kid. I let my kids do it at home ... but it's discouraged at school. Some of them just get carried away and are literally covered from head to toe -- ha ha.

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  2. Love it Sandi! I am always amazed to see other places at play in the outdoors & especially older children who in N.I would rarely/never get to go out & enjoy a muddy puddle. Thanks for adding this to the link up this week.

  3. Rubber boot up is right! Great mud play. My girls would play in the mud everyday if I let them. And I hope they don't lose that interest for many years!
    Thanks for joining the link up.


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