words worth remembering Wednesday

One of my jobs as a kindergarten teacher is to help parents allow their children to be independent.

No taking off shoes and organizing their stuff for them at drop off time in the morning.

No carrying backpacks for them after school.

They might be short, but kindergarten kids are beyond capable.

There are 2 hours left of Wednesday in my time zone.

Here are my words worth remembering.

Step away from that child.  She can do it herself.

On a completely different note - there's a Pete Party happening.  And you are invited.  Link up any and all of your old, new, shoes, school or button Pete posts.


  1. I agree on that one.. Children need to become as independent as possible and teachers are their resource. Now if only all parents can implement this!


  2. We should post one of these in our classroom cubbies front and centre.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liz :)


    1. I was thinking about posting one in my classroom when I was typing my post - ha ha
      Great minds thinking alike : )


  3. That's such a hard one for some parents. I still struggle with that in Grade 1. I don't really understand it either. It was a no-brainer for me when my kids were little -- uh, no, you can carry that, you're a big boy :)

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