the nest

I have been thinking about nests recently.

Building nests.  And empty nests.

My own fledglings have left the nest, so I guess I am, reluctantly, an empty nester.  The kids' Facebook profiles state that they  live elsewhere.  It's a difficult mental shift to move from in-house parenting to parenting by text.  Even though, I might not feel ready to have almost-adult children, it's my job to adjust to supporting them to fly without me by their side.  

As I was helping my kids get ready to move into their student accommodation (Daughter 2 carloads plus a mountain left from last year - Son 2 suitcases and a box!) I was also preparing the school nest for my new set of hatchlings.  It was an interesting juxtaposition.

What should a nest be?

It should meet safety and comfort needs.

It should facilitate growth and development.

It is temporary and should be outgrown.

We build our nests with love and care, knowing that the fledglings  will need to fly off and leave us for bigger and wider spaces.

And it's a good (if hard) thing,


  1. Very well said. I am sure it brings up a million emotions which all conflict with each other.

    Your room is spectacular. How many kids do you have this year? I love the Waldorf arch.


    1. i LOVE the book Kimberly. Thank you so much.

      I really like the Waldorf arch. The kids call it the rainbow and use it for so many things. Waldorf's deliberate fostering of community and imaginative play is something that really speaks to my beliefs about how young children learn.

      I think my class is full at 22 this year. So I have a full nest at school if not at home!


  2. Sandi,
    Your room looks wonderful. Have a great year!

  3. Love your images. Your class looks very inviting :)

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