Halloween sensory bin

Halloween and the myriad of attention grabbing, imagination inspiring bits and pieces that are everywhere just beg for sensory bin creation.

Halloween sensory bins are quick and easy to put together - there are just so many possibilities.

Halloween is colourful - black spiders, cauldrons, and witches hats, orange pumpkins, white skulls and bones, green goblins and monsters (Frankenstein) ...

We decided to focus on Halloween black and white.

base: rice and dried white beans
bones and skeletons
googly eyes
black and white finger puppets
Halloween bone garland cut up
white, black and silver Halloween confetti
skull containers

Except for the base, everything came from a dollar store. 

Some children need the sensory input - the feel and the sound of the materials.

Children use their fine motor skills to move small objects, to transfer materials from one container to another. 

A sense of volume and mass develops from filling containers.

Materials are sorted and classified into a variety of groups.

Artists create pictures that tell stories with the bin materials. Sweet little kindergarten children love to create scary, creepy stories! 

And creepy stories include a lot of wonderful descriptive language. 

Halloween provides the background for lots of exploration and oral language. Put some bits and pieces in a bin and enjoy the learning that takes place. 

happy spooky playing ...



  1. I love both bins. I just added litte halloween items to my fall bin but these are much more exciting. I am certainly making the spider and white sand bin after halloween when we study spiders. Thanks so much Sandi!

    Liz :)

  2. I love your bins! It makes me wonder if I should make some. I've never had any before. Do any of your grade one teachers use them?
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. I do know some grade one teachers that have bins in their classrooms for some themes/units.
      A group of us got together to make a bunch of bins last year. Those bins rotate though our classrooms. Quite a few grade one teachers are part of that group.
      Whenever I have older kids in the classroom, they are always playing in the bin.
      It's an easy way to bring some play into the classroom.


  3. LOVE, LOVE these! Pinning right now!!


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