two girls - two heartaches - one hope

Two girls have made the news this week.

Both stories have broken my heart.


One girl lives in the world I know.  Or she did.

Amanda lived in the Vancouver area.  

She was convinced to flash for the camera during a webchat.  That picture was spread around the internet and Amanda was tormented by bullies both online and face to face.  She moved cities, changed schools and sought professional help to help her escape the bullying, and work through the depression and anxiety it produced.

Amanda was found dead in her home earlier this week.  

Malala lives a world away from my peaceful town on the Pacific Ocean.

She has lived through terror that I don't even want to imagine.

She is fighting for a right that I, and my daughter, take for granted - the right of girls to go to school and have an education.

And this week she was was shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunmen.

Two girls.

Two heart breaks.

Reminding me that the right to an education is not recognized for all children everywhere.

Reminding me to treasure the girls and boys I am entrusted with, giving them reason to believe in themselves and have empathy for others.

Reminding me that what I have is precious and should never be taken for granted.

Reminding me to make sure that I sit down and listen, and stand up for what is right.

And the hope that out of tragedy can come strength and beauty.

stay strong

I am Malala


  1. I've heard of others kids getting bullied that way. It's so sad. And at that age they don't think of the consequences of their actions so much either. It's such a shame to think of someone so young being so tormented. As for Malala, she is truly inspirational! It reminds me of all I have to be thankful for and that maybe my troubles really aren't so bad. Take care.
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I have never visited your site or read your Facebook posts or Tweets without feeling completely connected to you. Thank you Sandi. I hope we all slow down some day and recognize what we have and what we need to keep.

    First in Maine


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