Go Away Big Green Monster: read and make

I love the book Go Away Big Green Monster.  

It's a classic.

I cannot imagine not reading it with my kindergarten kids.

After reading it, you just have have to make your own big green monsters.  

We start with a bit of a twist on the green circle face.  

We do green blob painting. 

Every single one of our big green faces is unique.  And they are all fabulous. 

Next we add scraggly hair.  A string tied to the end of a popsicle stick. We make it "dance" where we want hair.

The monster needs the rest of its face - 2 eyes, a long nose, a mouth and sharp white teeth.

I cut 1 1/2 by 3 inch rectangles, and the kids transformed them into facial features.  And white triangle teeth. 

They are even better with a story. 

Click on the graphic to download the big green monster story.

As well as making our own BGMs, we  read and reread, tell and retell the story - sometimes with with puppets,

we create our own stories in the pocket chart. 

and we enjoy an ipad app (the nightclub, jazz singer version of The Big Green Monster is a.maz.ing).

The story ends ...

And don't come back
until I say so.

just kidding  -- please come back -- ha ha



  1. Love these monsters, Sandi! Can't wait to see the kiddos create these. Thank you!

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  3. Great monsters! What is the pocket chart story? Liz :)

  4. Love this book! Such a cute idea.:) pinning it to my resources for picture books board!

  5. Oh! I like the looks of this book! And your own Big Green Monsters. What a fun thing to do. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this!! I just found your blog when I was searching for activities to go along with this book via pinterest. So glad I found you...looks like amazing stuff! :)

  7. I hope that your kids have fun with Go Away Big Green Monster - it is such a fabulous book.


  8. Love how your monsters turned out! Thx for linking them up at the Thoughtful Spot!

  9. I've got to get this book and try these activities with my grandsons. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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