global peace in action

The days and weeks between going door to door begging for candy at Halloween and making Christmas wishlists in December can become the days of the "gimmes".

This provides the perfect opportunity to practice generosity.

Generosity without expecting anything in return.

Generosity from the kidlets.

Kidlets who have everything that they need and at least some, if not a lot, of what they want.

They can give of themselves for children who do not have everything that they need.

They can fill Operation Christmas Child boxes.

The kidlets became socially conscious entrepreneurs.  We went into full scale rice crispie square production.  Families donated the ingredients and some fabulous moms and our student teacher helped with production.  Every single batch of squares was made with kidlet help - and they did not even get to lick the bowl.

Pan after pan of rice crispie squares - and not one child asked if they could have one. 

Then we went into marketing and sales.  A group of  students made a P.A. system announcement to the school.  And the salesmen went into action.  

Sales were good.  Now it's time to go shopping.  

I asked the kids what we should get:  colouring books, crayons, markers, stickers, little cars, hair ties, fruity soaps, a small musical instrument, balloons, stuffies.

I am going to buy all the bits and pieces to go into the box. The kidlets will help pack it up, and then we will add a class picture.

Hopefully our box will look something like this.

Hopefully the child who receives it will look this happy.

We are learning about global citizenship, caring for others (bucket filling), wants and needs - all from the humble rice crispie square.


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