I Can't Sleep

The poor little fellow in this book finds all sorts of things in his bed.  They keep him from falling asleep.  And that makes him grumpy.  Don't worry, the book ends well with him having sweet dreams. 

It gives us the opportunity to talk about using the sense of touch to make describing words.

A couple years ago I made a set of "feelie bags"  (must have been procrastinating writing report cards or something).  I found that elastic hair ties are just the right size for the top of the bag.

The kidlets used some pretty good describing words to tell about what they felt inside the bags.  We said that it was like giving a "clue" what was inside the bag.  

We talked about some things that might be in their beds keeping them from falling asleep.  Things that were sticky,  things that were prickly,  things that were cold or even things that were slimy.  A couple kidlets thought of things that were soft and cuddly.

We drew what was hiding in the bed.  And put a wide awake, grumpy face on the pillow.

The covers were hot glued on.

Using our sense of touch, describing words, printing, and a lift the flap bulletin board.  Pajama Day is in 3 more sleeps.  I love wearing my jammies to school.  It's all good.


  1. Love your book response, especially the flappy cover!
    Grade ONEderful
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    PS pop on over to First Grade Critter Cafe. She's giving away a fun Xmas alphabet chant to the first five commenters:)

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