night time book and owl craft

It takes more than a golden gorilla or a blue bear or a red rhinoceros sitting in a tree outside the bedroom window to frighten the main character in It Didn't Frighten Me!

For the last couple of days the kidlets and I have been reading, rereading, reading with a friend,  and retelling  It Didn't Frighten Me.

The book has a perfect frame for creating our own version of the story.

I put the frame in the pocket chart.  Everyone had a turn helping make a new story with the class.  Now they are choosing to make stories and read them (so love when they do that).

In the story a variety of strange coloured creatures sit on a tree branch outside a child's bedroom window.  This does not phase the supposed-to-be-going-to-sleep child at all.

The last animal seen up in the tree is a brown owl.  Now that was scary!  The kidlets figured that they would not be scared of an owl up in a tree by their bedroom.  But then, we have lots of owls living in the forests close to our homes.

The kidlets made a shapes owl inspired by a craft from DLTK.

They started with 4 rectangles and 4 triangles.

A few snips, and a bit of gluing, and we have a tree full of owls, each with their own personality.

National Geographic Kids has a great 3 minute introduction to owls video. Click on the owl picture for the link.

twit twoo - or something like that!


  1. love the owls and that you started with shapes and they modified those to create their own owl.

  2. Love both the activities you did with this book. I'm pinning it:)

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