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This week is all about peace.  It's our take on honouring Remembrance Day (November 11). 

One of the ways that we learn to be peaceful is by honouring how we are the same and celebrating our differences.  

This week we read a couple great books that explore the different colours of our human  "wrapping paper".

These are still sitting on the story chair - we ran out of time to read them.  Next week. 

To honour our sameness and our differences, our uniqueness and our similarities, my student teacher and the kidlets made rainbow children.

The kidlets painted cardboard circles with their choice of skin colour paint and then added  faces and rainbow hair.

It ties in perfectly with our other peace anthem (see the first one here).  

This is a campfire song (sung to May the Circle be Unbroken)  that was apparently first sung by Lynn Baker in the 1971 movie "Billy Jack".  The lyrics have been modified from the original to make it more kindergarten friendly.  

Download a copy by clicking on either the black and white or colour version of the song. 

peace, let it begin with all of us


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  1. I love those rainbow children! We did something like that last year and I think the hair is just hilarious:)

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