Yesterday was Pyjama Day in kindergarten.

Definitely the most comfortable day of the year : )

Jammies, stuffies or bears, hot chocolate, s'mores and dream catchers.

I told the kids the legend of the dreamcatcher based on this book (it was longer than the kidlets' attention span!).  
In a nutshell: a young girl visits a wise old woman who brings peace to her soul and shows
her how to make a dreamcatcher (the circle frame representing the circle of life and the web showing how all things are connected) to stop her father's bad dreams.

The kidlets were each given a paper plate with the centre cut out, holes punched around the edge and a string tied to one of the holes.

They wove the string back and forth,

 threading beads as inspired.

Some of the kids found it really hard to go across the plate diagonally rather than around the perimeter!  

With a feather attached to the end of the string it was all done and ready to hang up in bedrooms to keep bad dreams at bay.

We have a dreamcatcher on the classroom door leading to the hallway.  We figure that if a dreamcatcher can catch bad dreams, it can also catch bad thoughts and feelings.

Just to prove that I came to school in my jammies ...

sweet dreams everyone

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  1. It never occurred to me to make dream catchers. Fabulous idea!! I'm pinning this.
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