gingerbread man escape prevention

We made gingerbread men.

Flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, ginger -- all that good stuff.

Stirring by hand.

Each kid taking a turn, or two, or three, or .....

The dough was all mixed and ready for rolling. (We had a wonderful student from the high school come to help us roll and bake).  The cookies were all decorated and sitting on the table.

We did not want them to go the way of so many cookies that we have read about.  No running out the door with a pack of kids yelling at them to come back for this k class.

We are into escape prevention.  

Those gingerbread boys/girls/babies/cowboys are not going to get away from us.

We have a plan.

Gingerbread Man Escape Prevention.

(This has been in my gingerbread file for years and I was not able to track down who first created it.  If you know, I would love to give credit where it is due.)

Read about it in the pocket chart.  

Check out the big book version.
(my apologies for the photo quality - my camera had a little adventure and is now having a spa vacation at the camera shop and I am using my ipad)

Just to be sure, we made our own books to take home.  You never know when you might need a manual to prevent gingerbread escapees.

We made sure that no gingerbread men escaped. (Check out the full cheeks!)

All that was left were a few crumbs.

Tomorrow the kids will vote for their favourite gingerbread story.  I wonder what it will be...


  1. Cute book! I love the escape prevention plan. I'm sure the kids had a lot of fun with it!

    First Grade Garden

  2. This is great. I need to make some class big books too. Will you send me some other good ideas for books the kids can read themselves? (sorry to keep asking). xo

    First in Maine

  3. I'm all for that escape plan! You have a wise class! And I would like to be able to help you clean up after this lesson! I hate to see crumbs laying around.

    1. Rhythm, you have a standing invitation to come and visit us any time. We will make special crumbs just for you to clean up.


  4. Oooh, a yummy post! I'm glad your cookies didn't escape:)

    1. Not a chance of escaping with 20 k-kids on guard!



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