a snowman invitation

The grass outside is green (and waterlogged), but that does not stop us from being snowman obsessed.  One of our favourite books has been All You Need for a Snowman.

We are also learning about Mr Picasso portraits.  Today the creative geniuses mad this Mr Picasso portrait at  Picasso Head.  They appreciate Mr Picasso's desire to break the painting rules!

In kindergarten, snowmen and Mr Picasso are natural partners.

We can make Mr Picasso snowmen!

We looked Mr Picasso's paintings of faces.  The eyes are often different from each other.  The nose is not in its usual place.  The mouth can be on one side of the face, or on both.  The ears are different from each other and not balanced on either side of the head.  Mr Picasso liked to mix things up.

We also read that Mr Picasso used all sorts of bits and pieces of things to make his sculptures.

So, we can be like Mr Picasso and use all sorts of bits and pieces to make a snowman face.

First you have a snowball.

Add two eyes.
A nose.
A mouth.
Maybe some ears.

That's all you need for a snowman - Mr Picasso style.


  1. The kids must have really enjoyed the freedom -- not having to worry about exactly where things go.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. My first graders also love this book! It is in our read again box! I love your young Picassos! You are welcome to come to snowy Michigan and build one with snow!
    Owl Things First


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