winter calming jar

snow flurries in a bottle

Where I live, winter means dull, grey, dreary and rain.

Snow is a rare and delightful treat.

Since there is no snow on the ground, I thought that I would capture a snow flurry in a bottle.

Luckily I had odds and ends of pearl and silver glitter glue, and silver glitter and a brand spanking new and forgotten bottle of galactic glue.  Perfect. Ignore the empty plastic bottle; it isn't supposed to be in the picture!

Glitter in the bottom, followed by some hot water, the glitter glue and more hot water.

Stir it all up so that the gitter glue is dissolved in the hot water.

I had planned to hot glue the lid on, but it pressure sealed itself for me.  I like it when work is done for me!

Now the kidlets and I can get our snow fix and watch the flakes swirl even if the weather does not co-operate.

No shovelling required.


  1. How fun! My kiddos would love this-they are obsessed with snow-probably because they've never seen the real thing! We'll have to try that! :)


  2. I just read about this somewhere. I love it and am glad to see that it isn't too hard to make.

    First in Maine

  3. Anything that sparkles, I'm in! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. I just love this idea. Sometimes we all need a little calming!
    Granny Goes to School


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