puddle play

We had a fair bit of rain last week.  Two days of indoor recess.

The upside is that the rain filled up some puddles.

And in between showers, we got outside for some puddle play.

Pants tucked in to rubber boots.  Don't get anyone else wet.  Go have fun in the puddles.

Creating rivers with "boot digging" so the water can flow downhill.  Why won't water go uphill. How can we make it go faster.

Had to get some rocks out of the way. Co-operation and physics (using sticks as levers). 

Around the corner to a ramp.

They really wanted to get the water to flow under the ramp and out the other side. More boot digging required. 

Sometimes the puddle does not need to be controlled and changed, just enjoyed with a couple of sticks.

happy puddle playing

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  1. You have had a lot of rain in the past week or so while we enjoy the driest spell for a long time. I love to see that your children get to go out & enjoy the puddles & that you see the value of them playing with the puddles & the science going on there. Thanks for adding this to the outdoor play party.

  2. what fun, we love puddle jumping too. Love the last photo, I have a really similar one of my son "fishing" in a puddle.


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