how to make Gruffalo crumble

We love to read Jan Donaldon's book The Gruffalo.

And we love to cook and eat yummy food.

Time to make some Gruffalo Crumble.

When the rhubarb in our school garden was ready for picking, we knew it was time for Gruffalo crumble.

A couple of trusty gardeners came with me to pick the rhubarb. 

 They were pretty enthusiastic and picked a good haul.

We chatted about which part of the rhubarb was for eating. Some plants we eat the roots, others the leaves, with rhubarb, we eat the stalks.  (I told the kidlets that the leaves were poisonous, but rhubarb leaf tea is very good for getting rid of garden pests.)

I chopped the rhubarb into small chunks and the kids put them in the pan.

We had a wee bit of room left for some apples.  (We are part of a fruit and veggie program and we had just had a delivery of pre-cut apples.  They were perfect for Gruffalo crumble.)

Then the crumble on top. (I brought it pre-mixed from home.)  Carefully put on, spoonful by spoonful.  Making sure that it was evenly spread over the fruit mixture.

The kids went out to play and the crumble went in the oven.  When the kids came back inside for lunch, the school smelled fabulous, and the crumble was ready to eat.

And eat they did.  I was amazed how much Gruffalo crumble a 5 year old can pack away!

I bet you're thinking - this is Gruffalo crumble.  There is no Gruffalo in that recipe.  

Well, didn't you know; there's no such thing as a Gruffalo!  

So we could not have added any Gruffalo to the recipe!

I love the community building that happens when we cook and eat together.  The sense of togetherness.  Belonging.  Family.  

Maybe next time we cook, we will make scrambled snake ... or owl ice cream or .... or  maybe we will find that Gruffalo!



  1. What fun! We love The Gruffalo too! :)

  2. This is a BRILLIANT idea! Love this (and the Gruffalo - do any children anywhere not love that book - have you heard the song?) I love cooking with my class too. I found your blog a few weeks ago (I forget how, twitter maybe...) with your post on slow teaching - also loved that - I think you have a new reader ;)

    1. THe Gruffalo should be loved by children everywhere! Thanks for stopping by - it was nice to meet you.

  3. Oh, so fun!! The Gruffalo is a great book!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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