favourite kindergarten book 2012-13

We read a lot of stories in kindergarten.   (One of my responsibilities to create, grow and nurture a love of books in my kid lets.)

Many books we read and reread.

I was curious what book was the class favourite.

So, I put together a collection of books that we had read throughout the year and spread them around a table.

The kids added a few more books to the table.  

Then we voted.

Each child was given three small pieces of paper to place on their favourite books.

I thought that Pete the Cat would be the definite victor.  We read all the Pete books over and over, and we did a number of Pete projects in class.  We so love our Pete shoes, his buttons and his fabulous attitude. 

I thought that Mo Willem's Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie, the current class obsession would  also make a good showing.  

I was wrong.

The kidlets made other choices.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was chosen as the favourite book of kindergarten 2012-13.  

Go Away Big Green Monster came in second with 8 votes.

The Gingerbread Girl was the third favourite.  

The kidlets surprised me.  And it's all good.  

I'm already curious what next year's favourite books will be.


  1. I always find voting and graphing with 5 year olds to be interesting. My kiddos frequently are very influenced by other kids' opinions and making one answer "win." I think giving kids several votes helps but the results still don't always reflect what I've observed. Although your kids did pick books that are among my favorites:)
    Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

  2. I am not surprised about The Vert Hungry Caterpillar, my Kinders never tired of it all year, but Pete the Cat surprised me. We often do survey just using tallies but never with that many books, what a great idea. Like Lyn, my Kinders are also influenced by their peers. I wonder what a private vote would show, like a voting station using number system and a container? Just curious. Liz :)

  3. Great choices, like you would have thought Pete the Cat would have been up there too. I sometimes pick 3 books for story time & get the children to vote which gets read first. I love to see them able to be independent voters rather than just voting like their friends. Have a great summer


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