the sun is shining - time for poetry

Time for a little Public Service Announcement.

Inspired by Grade ONEderful's Poetry Slam

and the amazing, wonderful, blue sky, rarely a cloud weather we are enjoying. 

Remember to 
and slide

slip on a shirt
slop on some sunscreen
slap on a hat 
(with a brim that covers your face, neck and ears)
seek shade
slide on sunglasses

The Aussies have have had it figured out for a while. 

Sid the Seagull has  a good-on-ya-mate jingle to help us remember to be safe in the sun.


Now the Poetry Slam.

On the increasingly rare occasion that we have a sunscreen June
we read this poem together.

I only had it on chart paper for group reading.
So, I made some individual reading versions. 

black and white with pictures
colour with pictures
all words

Lots of white space and simple illustrations, so the kids can focus on the words.
Double spaces between words making it easier to track for beginning readers.
Friendly, easy to read font. 

Click on which ever version your heart fancies for a free download.

happy summer!

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Sandi!
    That's a great beginning of the year poem and I love that you've included three different versions.


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