I am a Bunny : a favourite book from my childhood

I am spending a week "hanging out and playing" with my parents.  

In honour of the countless hours that my mum spent cuddled up on the sofa reading to me and my brother, here is a favourite book from my childhood.

I am a Bunny
author: Ole Risom
illustrator: Richard Scarry
publisher: Golden Books
first published, 1963
gently magical for ages 1-5
and anyone who reads to them
first lines
I am a bunny.
My name is Nicholas.
I live in a hollow tree. 
Nicolas guides the reader through the year, showing what he likes to do, until winter, when he curls up in his hollow tree and goes to sleep.

I love this book because ...
While the text is simple, rhythmical and gentle, it is really just an excuse for Richard Scarry's completely enchanting illustrations. 

Nicholas is the cutest (but not cutesy) bunny ever. Red overalls and a yellow shirt never suited anyone better. 

His adventures through the seasons, invite a quiet curiosity and delight in the natural world. 

fun things to do
Books with a simple storyline often invite the reader to use it as a frame to create their own story. It works with I am a Bunny.  Either fiction or non-fiction.

I am a teacher
My name is Ms. Sandi.
I live in a classroom filled with laughter.
In the morning we like to sing songs...

Nicolas likes to blow the dandelion seeds into the air.  No Time for Flashcards has a fun q-tip dandelion project. 

He also enjoys playing in the fall leaves.  Keeping with the q-tip theme, La classe della maestra Valentina has beautiful fall trees.

Nicholas embraced the falling snow.  More q-tips.  Snowflakes from Busy Bee Kid Crafts  this time.

I am a Bunny is read by five year old Jude.  Enjoy it for the story.  And enjoy it for Jude's delightful accent. 





  1. Such a cute and fun book! I think I may remember reading this one as a child too. I love all of the cute activities you can do with Q-tips too!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. I am a Bunny has been a classic for 50 years! You may well have enjoyed it as a child.


  2. Thanks for the beautiful entry about this beloved book. Photos are helpful too.

  3. I remember this book!!! I used to read it to my boys. Aw...the sweet memories. I'll have to find a copy for Olin:)
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy playing with your parents.

    1. Olin NEEDS a copy!

      We are having fun playing. Tomorrow we are heading out to a winery that has sheep running around. Monday is a butterfly conservatory. They aren't leaving me much time for blogging!


  4. I love this book! It is just gorgeously illustrated and is such a gentle read! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Booknificent Thursday at mommynificent.com! Hope you'll mark your calendar to join us each Thursday!

  5. This is one of my favorite books too! My kids loved it as well. Thanks for the reminder.

    First in Maine


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