Dubrovnik - old walls and roads

Pete the Cat has not been around for very long.

He first came on the scene in 2008.

In relative terms he's a pretty young feline.

Spending time in Dubrovnik (in Croatia),  made him feel a mere kitten.

Being in city that has existed (in some form or other) for over a thousand years tends to do that.  

The first known settlement where Dubrovnik now stands, was established in the 7th century. 

The Dubrovnik we see now was built after the Great Earthquake of 1667 which destroyed most of the town buildings.  

Pete is looking down on the town from a fortress that was ordered built by Napoleon.

Old walls. Built to keep out invaders, pirates and other enemies.

Old roads. Made of limestone.  Worn shiny by countless feet over the last almost 500 years. 

Old fountains. With clean, fresh drinking water.  (Excellent for filling up water bottles.)

An old town. And full of surprises.

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