Flat Pete

Pete has been watching the preparations for heading out on our adventure.  

He figured that it was all groovy.  He kept going along, singing his song.

He's helped us get the house all clean before we leave. 

He came to school with me and helped some kids take books back to the school library.

Later in the day I saw him in the classroom catching up on his reading.  

Next thing I knew, there was a thud, and Pete was stuck under a bulletin board.   

We carefully lifted up the bulletin board. Did he cry?  Well, goodness no.  

He said it did not hurt anywhere.  He just felt a little different.  He felt kind of flat.

And flat he was.  

Pete suggested that being flat made him an excellent travelling cat.  The kind of cat that takes up very little room in a backpack.  The kind of cat who would like to visit Iceland, and then keep going to Eastern Europe and beyond.

He made a persuasive suggestion.  (Pete does not argue; too groovy for that.)

Flat Pete is going travelling.  He's putting on his travelling shoes and wants to tell you all about his adventures ... stay tuned (in). 



  1. Absolutely terrific idea. Lol when Pete was squashed by the board but didn't suspect where this was going. Brilliant!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. That Pete is a planning kind of groovy cat. He figured out a way to join us on our adventure.


  2. Sandi,
    I LOVE this! Pete the cat meets Flat Stanley! Camille

    1. Pete is a groovy - and intelligent - cat. He figured if Stanley could go on adventures because he was flat, then so could a cool blue cat.


  3. You're hilarious, Sandi! Love the shot of Pete and the bulletin board! Bon Voyage, Pete!

  4. Can't wait to read more about Pete's traveling adventures!

    Granny Goes to School

  5. That's an awesome idea, Sandi! Your kids are going to love hearing about Pete's adventures when you get back.


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