I really wanted to see puffins when I was in Iceland.

They are such cool looking birds.

Click on the graphic below to learn more about puffins.

But I did not do my research properly (or at all).

Puffins come to Iceland in the spring to mate, lay their eggs and raise their young.  Then at the end of August, they head back out on the Atlantic to bob on the waves all winter, until returning to land in the spring.

Pete and I got a puffin fix in tourist shops.

And we settled for a couple of (Iceland) puffin books.

And a puffin craft. Click on the picture for more information from Danielle's Place.

Happy puffin-ing.

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  1. I love puffins. They come to Maine too. I've only seen them at the Boston aquarium though. Those books look great. I love that flat Pete is with you.


    1. I'll have to come to Maine during puffin season, and we can go puffin watching together. :)


  2. I've never seen a puffin!
    You're going to have a ton of books to take home by the time you're finished:)

  3. Apparently I saw puffins when we lived on Baffin Island. Wish I had paid more attention!! I also saw them when we lived in Newfoundland when I was a baby - I feel I am excused for not remembering them then. I have a stuffed puffin (not the same as I saw in the tourist shops) that was made for me way back then.



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