my fantasy before school routine (no worries - it's very PG)

Today's kinderblog challenge is sharing  our morning routine.

It's not very exciting. 

Get up.  Get clean. Get dressed.  Eat breakfast while checking email and FB.  Make hair and face presentable. Grab some lunch.  Head out the door.

Now a fantasy morning routine … so much nicer. 

I am gently awoken after a full eight hours of lovely sleep by sunshine peeking through the window and my husband bringing me a cup of tea.

After ten minutes of enjoying my tea while my husband inquires about my day, I enjoy a half hour of yoga, in my ever-so-peaceful yoga sanctuary. 

A quick shower in my rain head, and body jet shower. 

During this time my breakfast  - nutritious, delicious and beautifully presented - is made and is waiting for me. 

Time for a quick check of personal emails and FB;  I know that I will have paid time at work to check school related communications.  

It's always a good hair day, and the only make up that is needed is a touch of lipgloss.

I throw together a Pinterest-worthy outfit  that looks as amazing on as it does in the photo.

The lunch fairy has been at work and a delicious, nutritious and beautifully bento boxed lunch is waiting on the counter. 

My husband and I kiss at the door as we head our separate ways.  

And the day is on a roll ...

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  2. I could use a morning routine like that as well! LOL Let us know when you achieve your dream. ;-)

  3. Oooh that does sound heavenly--especially compared to my usual mornings of rushing around and trying to get out the door on time! :)


  4. OMG, that sounds heavenly! I'm stealing your fantasy:)


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