tooth fairy/dude dress-up: exercising our imaginations

There is so much scope for the imagination with tooth fairies and tooth dudes.

Because they are definitely not all the same.

Yes, there are the traditional ones with delicate wings, wands and flutter-y feet,
but there are also tooth fairies that look like they would be right at home on Halloween night, and tooth fairies that wear leather and drive motorcycles.

images from The Tooth Fairy, What Do Fairies Do With All Those Teeth, Andrew's Loose Tooth
We figure that since there are lots of different kinds of kids, there must be LOTS of different kinds of tooth fairies.  And there are lots of different kinds of tooth dudes.  

So much scope for the imagination, I just can't resist having  a tooth fairy/tooth dude photo shoot.

I bring in my tooth fude - tooth dairy (there really isn't a good way to combine the words dude and fairy), suitcase.  

Bits and pieces that I raided from my kids' dress up box, acquired from Thrift Shops, and made with chopsticks and Christmas bows. 

The kids create their tooth fude/dairy persona.  And I take their official portrait. 

Not done with the fun yet.

We pretend that all the tooth fairies and dudes have gone walk about.  We don't know where they are. 

We need to make "Missing" posters.

These posters give some important information.  Where do they live?  What do they like to do (when they are not collecting teeth)? And where were they last seen.

click on the graphic to download from google docs
This activity is designed to stretch the imagination muscle and to use delicious describing words. 
 I don't want the kids to limit their ideas and their vocabulary because they will have to write.
So I print for the kids.

We know those tooth fairies and dudes will find their way back to us.  They know we have wiggly teeth, and we will need them soon. 

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