100 penny hunt for 100 days in school

100 days of kindergarten is worthy of celebration.

So, we celebrate.

Big time.  Because I00 is a pretty big number.

One of the 100 Day traditions is the 100 penny hunt.

Somehow, I suspect it is Zero the Hero, 100 pennies get hidden in the classroom.  (Yes, Canada phased out the penny last year, but we have "leftovers" from our penny counter project - and if desperate, I can always head south of the border into Washington State).

The pennies are hidden ...

The penny chart is ready - taped to the table.

And the hunt is on.

The rule is that after a child finds ONE penny, the penny is to be brought to the chart and filled up from number 1.

The kids were expert penny finders.

In no time (it seemed), they had found all 100 pennies. (One year they managed to find 102!)

Next time, I think I will use a stopwatch to time the hunt.  How many seconds does it take a kindergarten class to find 100 pennies?

Enjoy a song about 1000 pennies by Norman Foote from his cd 1000 Pennies!  



  1. Great idea!! I'm definitely pinning your idea for next year's 100th day of school. This will be a great activity for the whole class. :)

    Andrea @ Cheers To School

    1. It's a lot of fun - a great way to begin the 100th day of school.

  2. haha! That is sooo fun! You're always sooo fun! i love find it games. My favorite! I've never looked for pennies though. I have a necklace i wear on 100 day - with 100 bookmarks. i really like that pig too! It has lots of character. I'd like a pig like that. Thanks for sharing!


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