children - an investment in the future

#kinderblog14  challenge:  week 1

Write the post that has been in your head (or your drafts folder) for a while now. You know the one. The one you write while you drive to work, or while you are in the shower. What is the question, or issue, or opinion, or emotions, you have been chewing on for a while now?

Well, here goes.  This post was born on the picket line, walking for the rights of wee goslings to have their learning needs met. 


One of the first pieces of art that I bought was a beautiful  Benjamin Chee Chee print titled Learning.

As wee goslings enters the world, they need the care and love of bigger geese in order to learn and survive.  

When my goslings joined our family they needed me (and their dad) to keep them safe, fed, warm, clean and loved.  

But what if parents are not  able to be responsible for a life other than their own....

As goslings get bigger, they need to experience more of the world.  They need to move, explore, question, and figure things out, while their basic needs of safety, food, health, clothing, housing and love are still being met.  

As their "range" gets bigger, goslings need a community of adults.

This is where, as a kindergarten teacher, I become part of a community of  adults who contributes to the well being of children.  

I do my best to provide them with a safe environment where they can explore who they are and grow their abilities.  

But what if I cannot meet all their learning needs....

Some of my goslings need Speech and Language Therapy.  Some have specific sensory needs.  Some have been through more trauma in their 5 years than should be allowed in a life time.  Some experience the world through a different framework than is typical. Some have health issues.  Some do not understand danger. 

Their needs require a bigger community of care. Beyond the resources of a classroom ... to the resources of a  school, to a school district.

I guess that it is called "allocation of resources".  Some of my goslings need resources allocated to them. 

But what if the school/school district does not have resources available ....

And that's where I get political.  Doesn't it depend on how we look at it:  expense or investment?

We all have a responsibility to invest in children's learning.  (Just looking at the education system here -  there are many other communities responsible for a child's well being.)

Invest - as in - look forward. Contribute now, dividends later. 
We all have a responsibility to be part of a caring community for every child - irregardless of the child's gender, religion, sexual orientation, special need, or their parent(s)' ability or inability provide for their needs.  

It is our responsibility as citizens to invest in our children.

Through our time, energy and our tax dollars. 

All of us.  For all of them.

ps  I think my Benjamin Chee Chee print is going to find a place in my classroom. 

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  1. You've expressed yourself very well. I couldn't agree more.

  2. Once again you are so very eloquent & timely. Thank you

    1. thanks - wish there was no reason to write it ...

  3. Agree with your thoughts completely. Really like your quote. It's pinned to be shared.


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