how to make a pillowcase curtain

Curtains are fabulous classroom tools.

They hide clutter.

They soften hard edges.

They are easily cleaned.

They are cheap and easy to make.

And did I mention, they hide clutter

(or activities that are not currently available).

I had a cute little curtain (that luckily, I had brought home to wash over the summer) that hid a shelf full of boring very important teacher books.  

But it was a bit too cute.  And it did not work with my beautiful new rug

It was time for a new curtain.

Since I am on strike, all projects have to be on the super-cheap.  That meant no trips to the fabric store to find the perfect shade of the perfect colour.

It meant a trip to the thrift shop to see what the Universe would provide.  Two pillowcases in an acceptably neutral and warm colour for $1.50 worked for me.

First job was to rip the seams.  That was the part that I did on the picket line.  That was the part that I forgot to take picture of.  You will just have to trust me that I sat on the side of the road with my seam ripper and a couple of pillow cases.

Seams ripped.  I had two bits of fabric this size. 

A bit of ironing ...

and a bit of sewing (I joined the two pieces of fabric together and made a casing at the top for the curtain rod to go through) ...

For $1.50 and a bit of time, I have an up cycled pillowcase-curtain that looks good with my new rug.

Hopefully both will be in the classroom soon.  (We will be voting on a tentative deal.)

This is another of my 

ps.  We are back in the classroom now - first day with kids tomorrow - yipee!

Here are the curtain and the rug in their intended habitat.

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  1. On strike or not, what a great way to reuse materials. Thursday is looming on us.... I am undecided on my vote.

    1. There is a satisfaction from creating something for almost nothing. Thrift shops are wonderful.

  2. You are so thrifty! Love it. Yet another idea I may have to steal. So glad I know you:). BTW I think we have the same sewing machine!

    1. Sweet of you to say thrifty rather than cheap!!

      My sewing machine was a gift in 1987. I guess still having it is also either thrifty or cheap!

  3. Very creative & I love that it hides clutter! Thx for linking this up at the Thoughtful Spot!


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