painted rocks

Since I have to spend three hours a day on the picket line, I might as well be productive.

Kindergarten teachers never have enough time to make all the loose parts /manipulatives /learning tools that are on their want list.

But, my government has given me time (albeit, unpaid time), so I might as well make lemonade.

Or, at least, painted rocks.  

Ever since I saw Childcareland Blogs's painted rock dominos, I knew that I had to make some.  

They fitted the projects on the picket line criteria
•  cheap - no $$ trips to Michaels
•  portable supplies
•  can be done on a small, folding table


Some of my collection of beach rocks was pressed into service.


We cut tape to the width of unpainted rock that I wanted in the middle of my rock.  I brought masking tape and two kinds of painters tape I had in my cupboard.  We ended up using the painters tape - but only because it was brightly coloured.  I don't think that it did any better job than the masking tape.

Luckily most kindergarten teachers have a stash of acrylic craft paint. Luckily my stash was at home not at school.

 Paint one side.

Let it dry.

Paint the other side.

Take off the tape.  We found that it was better to take the tape off sooner rather than later.  While the second side was still wet.  If possible.

A quick coat (or 2) of mode podge.  

And they look gorgeous.

Can't wait to add them to the basket of rocks and see what the kids will create with them.

This one of my

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  1. It never occurred to me to take busywork with me. I also have a basket of beach rocks and driftwood but not as many beautiful colours of acrylic paint.But I guess a little side trip to the dollar store is not unreasonable. Did you mode podge them afterwards.

  2. So clever! And so sorry that you're on that picket line.

  3. I hope this is one of a continuing series!!!! Love the title!! But wait I take that back I don't want this strike to continue!!!! I guess I mean if we gotta do this I might as well enjoy reading about your projects!!! I have no beach rocks :(

    1. Sadly, the series seems to be continuing. At least I am getting some of my project to do list done.


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