The Dot

The Dot by Peter Reynold's is such a fabulous book that it gets its own day.  

Dot Day!  

We celebrated a bit late this year.  But celebrate we did!

The Dot
written and illustrated by Peter Reynolds
published by Candlewick Press (2003)
age 4 - adult
beginning lines  Art class was over but Vashti sat glued to her chair. Her paper was empty. Vashti's teacher leaned over the blank paper, "Ah, a polar bear in a snowstorm".  "Very funny," said Vashti.  "I just can't draw."

summary  Vashti thinks that she can't draw.  Her art teacher gently asks her to make a dot on her paper, and sign it.  Next class, Vashti sees her dot, framed, above her teacher's desk.  It inspires her to make better dots, bigger dots, coloured dots, un-dots, and to see herself as an artist.

We want our students to see themselves as artists.  To make their mark on the world.  To inspire others to create.

So, we kind of threw ourselves into Dot Day.  If you are going to celebrate Dot Day - you might as well really celebrate.  

Dot t-shirts?  (don't you like my flip flop tanned feet - in October??)

Dot socks?  You bet!

Once we were dressed for the day, it was time to "leave our mark"...

A  colleague suggested that we get our students together to blow bubbles (3D dots!) on Dot Day.   That was the inspiration for our Dot Day project.

Bubble print dots.

Five colours of bubble mix - tempera paint, a bit of water and a squirt of dish soap.  My daughter played with ratios until the mixture bubbled nicely and the colour was right.

Each child had their own straw to blow into the mixture until it bubbled just over the top.

A paper is gently placed on top of the bubbles to "catch" the prints.

Beautiful bubble filled dots. 

What's the best way to display a collection of dots?  Make a big dot.

All framed in swirly gold.

Enjoy this Youtube clip of The Dot. 



  1. Great post and wonderful ideas!

    :) Shelley

  2. I love this story. Thanks for a unique art idea to go with it!

    1. I love sharing The Dot with my students too. Such a wonderful book.

  3. I bought this book recently and keep forgetting to take it to school. Now I will! Thanks for the ideas Sandi. And Hapoy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for linking up to Share it Saturday, I'm featuring you on my blog for the next link up! Chestnut Grove Academy!

  5. Very fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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