reindeer fun for children

There's something quite intriguing about reindeer.

They are both real - and make believe.

Here is a quick kid friendly video about the [reindeer of Lapland].

Lots of info about Santa's reindeer [here].

And the Reindeer Cam app crosses between fiction and non-fiction. Feeding time is pretty cool; we have taken a kindergarten break to watch Santa feed his reindeer.

Inspired by the fictional reindeer, and in honor of real reindeer, here is enough reindeer prancing and cutting and glueing and nibbling, to last you though December and beyond.

Reindeer are open to artistic interpretation.

our reindeer had wrapping paper antlers (and color inclusive noses) 

Happy Hooligans' 3 puzzle pieces reindeer is delightfully quirky 

Housing a Forest went geometric with their stacked reindeer  (Rudolph in the lead)

Artventurous painted these delightful reindeer portraits with grade one students

Our Little House in the Country use a potato print to make reindeer for Christmas cards

Artkiddoz went geometric with isosceles triangle reindeer

A Faithful Attempt's reindeer are peering through the window - maybe with thoughts of  the milk and cookies inside in their heads

Crafty Morning reminds us that R is for Reindeer

Maxabella love makes class sets of these adorable reindeer bags 
(if only she did not live in Australia, I would be trying to convince her to come to my class!

Reindeer nibbling - for kids of all ages
Mr Food's Fudge must taste even better when it is wrapped up like a reindeer

A Spotted Pony made reindeer sandwiches that should go in everyone's lunch in December

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons knows what boys (and girls and mums and dads) want - reindeer pancakes

we make our reindeer cookies with oatmeal cookie dough (instead of peanut butter dough) so that they are peanut/tree nut allergy safe - and I think they look more "reindeer" like

Housing a Forest knows that reindeer need to eat too - it's hard work pulling a toy laden sled around - a little Magical Reindeer food is much appreciated

I was reminded how capable kids are when we were putting together our Magic Reindeer food

Pre-K Pages combined reindeer, play dough and counting for some math fun

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  1. Very cute reindeer. I like the bag with the candy cane antlers best! Just pinned it.

  2. These are such cute ideas! I love the Rudolph piece of pie. Pinning...


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