celebrate: floppy ears and a happy tail

This week's celebration is all about four feet and fur.

Please meet the newest member of our family - Mitsy.

Mitsy is a rescue dog from our local SPCA.

In her short time with our family we have learned that Misty
• loves cuddles and affection
• is wary of men, but will warm up given time and space
• was brave and played with other dogs at the dog park (after hiding in a corner for 20 minutes)
• is now a dog park fan
• tolerates going in the car, but does not like it
• loves forest walks
• is fascinated by running water

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  1. OMG!!! She's absolutely beautiful. I LOVE floppy ears and big pink tongue. I've been meaning to ask you about her and keep forgetting. Lucky Mitsy. Lucky you:)


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