Frozen inspired sensory bin

We have been singing "Let it go, Let it go, I can't hold it back any more" for a year now.

I have helped sort out many who gets to be Elsa and who gets to be Anna disputes - I suggest that each of their personalities and powers are much too big for one person  - and remember, in our class, we are good at sharing.  Sometimes it works!

It was time to bring Frozen into the classroom (a bit)  - introducing, a Frozen-inspired Sensory bin.

I was very specific (in my own brain) that I wanted this to be Frozen-inspired.  No Anna.  No Elsa. No Olaf.  Not even a Sven. No small world play.  (The kids can play the movie outside at recess.) Ivd case.

And the Frozen colours and textures can entice the imagination into so many wonderful places.

It was a bag of Frozen coloured pom poms that got this bin going.

And then I began to see the Frozen colours everywhere - the grocery store, craft store and dollar store. 
Christmas ornaments
bead garland
sparkly snowflakes
glass gems
plastic jewels
small plastic vase filler beads
decorative gravel
anything sparkly in blues, teals, white, clear or silver

And then the thrift shop treasures.

a votive candle holder

a bon bon dish and sugar spoon

clear plastic napkin rings (ice blocks?)

"silver" napkin rings (also good for building)

a tree perfect for our Frozen world

Together they inspired

 fine motor skill practice


 more sorting and piling


And that was only one day of playing.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids create this week. 

Before I let you go, here's my favourite Frozen music.  Enjoy.



  1. I *LOVE* this! I just want to come to your classroom and touch it all. So beautiful!

    1. Thanks Angela. I kept finding my daughter's boyfriend "fiddling" with the bits and pieces in the bin while he was visiting over the holidays. It is rather addicting. And you are welcome to come to our classroom and play any day!

  2. Well nice creative love that specially the color scheme..

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  3. So fun and pretty! My little ones love anything Frozen!

  4. It’s a beautiful bin! I bet the kids are crazy about it:)


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