shape winter trees

Circles and rectangles make fine looking winter trees.

I loved Buggy and Buggy's paper shape Christmas tree, but ran out of time to make it before Christmas.

Change it up a bit; it becomes a winter tree.

We started with 1" circles.  Light blue and white  - for winter colours.

 And 1" wide silver paper strips.

Each child chose what colour circle they wanted at the top of the tree.

And added the smallest silver strip.

Glued on 2 circles, and the next strip.

The kids enjoyed watching the pattern and the tree grow.

"I know, it's four circles next. And a bigger silver strip."

Until the last silver strip at the very bottom.

The kids focused on keeping the tree centred on the page - a tough spatial awareness task for 5 year olds.

They also decided how they were going to "work" their circles.

Some choose all blue circles.

Others went all white.

Some patterned white, blue white, blue.

And other trees were created with their own creativity.

Together the make a lovely winter forest.


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