outdoor decorating with hearts

100 hearts.

That's enough to bring some Valentine's fun to a neighbourhood roundabout.

If you are hanging out with children, you know that fairness is of prime importance.  If there are 100 hearts, each child needs the same amount.

Luckily 100 hearts and 20 kindergarten children works very well.

20 groups of 5 is 100.  Each kindergarten child gets 5 hearts.  (Luckily there were 5 colours!)

Hearts in hand, the 20 kindergarten children (with a sprinkle of extra adults and a dog dressed in a Frankenstein outfit) head to the local roundabout.  The same roundabout where we brought some Christmas cheer in December.)

We talked about walking carefully; we don't want to step on any growing daffodil shoots.  (Sorry to those up to their eyeballs in snow with another storm on the way.)

We talked about hanging up the hearts.

Spreading them out rather than all the hearts in a few areas.  Think like an artist when you hang up your heart.

Now our roundabout is bedecked with 100 colourful hearts.

I know it makes my heart smile - hopefully a few others' too.



  1. It makes me smile and wag my tail! Wish we had a roundabout to decorate. Excellent lesson and fun for little ones!!

  2. How cute!

    Stopping by from the Link and Learn blog hop!


  3. This is such a lovely idea!

    Just to let you know as well that is has been featured over on my It's Friday We're In Love round up http://www.craftykidsathome.com/2016/01/valentines-day-crafts-decor-snacks-and-kids-activities.html


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