numbers and counting - outside

We had such wonderful weather that we just couldn't stay inside.  So we didn't!

Time for a little numbers and counting practice - outside.

Pairs of kids (chosen by me), number assignments and the great outdoors.

The kids used loose parts found in the forest

and the playground.

They had to talk about their ideas, plan and co-operate.  

This was at least as important as creating the numerals and their corresponding quantities. 

And plan, and execute the plan, and replan, and talk and ask each other for help they did.  

"Zero is nothing.  You can't take a picture of nothing, Ms Sandi". 
I didn't.

one flower

two boys on a hill

three new leaves

four kids on a slide

five leaves
"What can we use for the bump in the five?"
 They found a solution.

six pinecones - in a frame
It took the kids a bit of figuring out how the make the inside of the six empty of rocks.
Negative space is a difficult concept.

seven sticks
I don't know why the numeral seven needed grass.  But the kids assured me that it did!

eight daisies

nine sticks
I could hear the kids mutter - "make a loop and make a line, that's the way to make a nine".

10 shadows

With some math accomplished, sunshine on our faces and fresh air in our lungs, the kids rolled down
the hill, and went to get their snack.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lyn. I loved your Tana Hoban-esque counting photos, and have wanted to do something similar for a while. This was what we came up with.

  2. I absolutely love this! You've inspired me to try something outdoorsy with addition and subtraction!

  3. What a lovely idea. I love the idea of taking photos of each number and the fact that it is outside!

    1. Thanks. Next step is to print out the photos and do something with them.

  4. I remember making numbers like this with my now 7 year old many years ago. He always loved it! Great Job on your post and thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Being outside seems to make learning that much more fun. My son (now 20) learned to print his name with a stick in the sand.

  5. What a great idea for taking numbers outside. I'm thinking about how to modify for my 3 year old... :) #outdoorplayparty

  6. Just did this with my kindergartener. Thanks for the great idea. :)


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